(*) Are you a UH student?
(*) Are you in a 1000, 2000, or 3000-level Computer Science class at UH (or equivalent elsewhere)?
(*) Are you having trouble understanding a concept? Stuck on design or implementation? Need a refresher? Need help finding resources? Something else related to the class?

If you answered “Yes” to all of these bullets, then CougarCS Tutoring is here for you! Reach out to us by emailing tutoring@cougarcs.com and we will find the best tutor to help you.

Items to include in your email:
(*) Your name
(*) Class name
(*) Professor name
(*) Purpose of meeting
(*) Due date (if it applies)
(*) One-on-one or group session?
(*) Days and times you can meet

What we WILL help you do:
(*) Understand a concept
(*) Re-inforce a concept
(*) Design your project
(*) Implement your design
(*) Gain insight into tips & tricks to do all of the above

What we WILL NOT do for you:
(*) Give you the answer
(*) Write your code
(*) Give you someone else’s code
(*) Help with an impossible request (example: you need to submit your assignment today by 5pm, you email us at 4:30pm, and want to meet with a blank sheet of paper)

Want to volunteer as a Tutor? Contact us at tutoring@cougarcs.com with VOLUNTEER TUTOR in the subject line and the following in the body:
(*) Name
(*) Classification
(*) List of courses you are willing to tutor

Coumputer Science Department Mentors