About Us

Our Mission

CougarCS is the largest student run Computer Science organization at the University of Houston. At CougarCS, our mission is to smoothly transition our inexperienced members into young professionals by the end of their degree, and to provide support and assistance to members who struggle academically or who need career guidance.


CougarCS exists to create a close knit family among the Computer Science students and anyone that is interested in new and innovative technology, software, or hardware. Moreover, CougarCS encourages and promotes the growth of its members not only in classroom, but also outside of classes through career fairs, company sponsored meetings, hackathons, and workshops! Here at CougarCS, students are given golden opportunities to interact, network, and get involved with various companies and technologies. CougarCS also offers its members professional, academic, or even personal advice for those that are in doubt. As the largest Computer Science organization at the University of Houston, we offer tutoring sessions for some of the Computer Science courses offered at University of Houston. With the vast amount of talent within CougarCS, we have student run workshops that is meant to teach and engage its members on topics not found in classes. Furthermore, we offer professional help, whether it is to make or look over a resume, help prepare for interviews, or building networks through our club meetings and career fairs. CougarCS is open to all majors, and we invite you to contact us and join us in our meetings!



CougarCS holds a multitude of social, professional, and academicmeeting 6-f336452541de45f84267d27a2f122a7e0be025f404faf4e1444f831083861b5d events every year. A list of primary events CougarCS prides itself on includes:

  • Computer Science Career Fair
  • Annual CodeRED Hackathon
  • Company or CougarCS socials
  • Company sponsored meetings

Other events hosted by CougarCS:

  • LAN parties
  • Student run workshops
  • Project showcases